Audiowalk Friedrichshain

The Friedrichshain audiotour deals with farmer's cottages and worker's palaces, with backyards and alternative living spaces. Experience in this walk along radio play what is worth knowing about and what is surprising about one of the liveliest city quarters of Berlin.

During the approximately 2.5 hour long walk from Karl-Marx Allee to the neighborhood of Boxhagener Platz, the young Berliner Claudia accompanies you, who, when it comes to guiding you around the city, really engages in competition with this mysterious device "Discoverer". Also present are Rosi, a true Berlin mongrel, George, a visitor to the city, an original inhabitant of Stalinallee, the architecture critic Bruno Flierl and last but not least Otto Grotewohl himself, the first Prime Minister of the GDR...

These are the stations:

1. Sibylle - from the milk bar to the ice cream cafe
2. Karl Marx Book Shop - read, what the plan yielded
3. Little Green & Red Guys- Policemen with tropical helmets
4. Old Firestation - An art space with a history
5. High Rise at Weberwiese - Berlin is building again
6. Hildegard-Jadamowitz Strasse - a small street for a big person
7. Laying of the foundation stone of Stalinallee
8. Apartment buildings with sheltered walkways - the remnant of an ecological idea
9. Kosmos - a cinema takes off
10. 17. June 1953 - political statistics
11. Frankfurter Tor - new old towers
12. Lumberjack - a west-east canvas
13. Liebig Strasse - three types of living in Friedrichshain
14. Frankfurter Allee - the resume of a boulevard
15. Niederbarnim Strasse - self discovery
16. Intimes - Cinema from passion
17. Boxhagener Strasse - barren land
18. Theater Chapel - Acting, Death and Religion
19. Gärtner Strasse - Zille's Milieu
20. Boxhagener Platz - Stories of strong women
21. Krossener Strasse - Factory builds quarters
22. Knorrpromenade - strolling behind bars
23. Wühlisch Strasse - young fashion from Berlin

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